Areas of application


Areas of application

Improvement in Performence

Everybody knows it: after the lunch break (if you even had the opportunity to do so), working is twice as hard. The concentration has already gone home, but the desk is still full. Why not use your break just to stimulate your brain? With the specially designed sessions, it is possible to bring your brain waves to a frequency at which the concentration assumes a high level.

Burnout Prevention

Irritability, emptiness, difficulty with concentrating, fatigue and the feeling of being overwhelmed - burnout. More and more people suffer from it. The sick leave due to burn-out risesmore and more. Reasons are often a too high workload, stress, lack of or little positive feedback, no clear demarcation between work and private life or too high or unclear expectations and targets . Therefore, it is particularly important to prevent this by providing regular relaxation for oneself. The Laxman helps you here. The specially for relaxation and meditation designed sessions provide a relatively quick and effective help if you do not have much time to give your body the necessary rest. How many times have you participated in training on stress management ? And do you follow the instructions today? The Laxman combines relaxation with fun and therefore you will also in a few months like using it.

Sleep Disorders & Deep Relaxation

Causes of sleep disorders are often stress, job trouble, or personal problems. But the worst are actually the consequences: one is tired and weak or nervous and irritated and, at worst, sleep disorders can even cause depressions. The Laxman helps you to "shut down" your body and blind out the worries and fears that plague you before sleeping.

ADHD & Learning

Many parents see themselves helpless in the face of their ADHD-affected child. But what to do? In many cases, there is no other solution than to help the child with medication. But there are non-drug supplements that achieve good additional effects with many children. The affected children (or adults) simply lack the necessary concentration.
The Laxman is a good way to encourage your child's concentration with the good concept of frequency matching. It also has sessions specially created for children. Those sessions are e.g. combined with a radio play and are thus a pleasant way to increase the child?s concentration without further effort or drug concentration.
Dr. Olmstead has found out in a study with 30 children diagnosed with ADHD that used an AVS technology that those children were after 6 weeks significantly better in focusing than before the test phase. It was "practiced" six weeks twice a week for 35 minutes. The children aged between 6 and 16 showed significant improvements in the following key areas:
  • Psychomotor speed
  • The ability to track and process orders
  • Reduction of distractibility
  • Increase in the attention control
  • Increase in cognitive processing speed (faster thinking)

Especially the younger children achieved exceptionally good results. Dr. Olmstead ascribes this phenomenon to the fact that the brain at a young age is still very vivid and thus more able to react more sensitively to the special light and sound impulses. In addition, the younger children did not suffer so much from the depressing effects of learning disabilities such as :
  • reading disabilities
  • spelling
  • dyscalculia
  • and the ADS itself

Source: Journal of Neurotherapy, Vol. 9(2) 2005